6 Ways to Maximize your Small Space

A small space can be challenging to decorate especially when there is very little light entering the room or is in an odd space…Below we bring you 6 ways that you can make the most out of your space and make it a place you can actually enjoy.
Create a visual complexity
It might sound strange but by layering the room it forces your eye to carefully examine the objects composing it; hence creating a visual illusion of a larger space…Include on your interiors shelving cabinets ,transparent items ,larger plants make it difficult for the eye to read the room in a second.146856_5f733dec
By custom tailoring your furniture to your exact dimensions you utilize your space effectively helping your furniture look larger and that are made for the space. This also creates the image that the space is used effectively.
Oversized Items
Using a super large item or two can make the space look grand. Add a very large painting, a large vase , a plant. By doing this it throws the eye off and makes the space feel larger vs when using smaller items it reinforces the smallness of the room.
Picking a soothing hue to paint your walls can create a harmonious and sophisticated balance in the room …Make sure you paint the ceiling as well .It will blur the boundaries between wall and ceiling making the room appear taller and infinite.
Use mirrors
Mirrors are reflective and expansive . They bring depth and can maximize your space…A particularly interesting effect is when you place a mirror behind a light or a candle …the light travels through the mirror creating a magical effect.
Create a Vertical illusion
Like with clothes same in spaces; vertical lines, built ins etc create the illusion of taller, bigger, slimmer. Go as high as possible, all the way to the ceiling with artwork , shelving . storage, plants…It forces the eye to look up creating a vertical illusion of a bigger, taller space.