5 Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

146856_62b38f21Did you know that we sleep during one third of our life? In such a way, we spend in our bedrooms up to 30 years! Of course, this means that bedroom should be the coziest place in our home, filled with comfort and relaxing atmosphere. There are some details and secrets that will help to make your bedroom the most comfortable and nice place.
A warm carpet on the floor will protect you from cold and bring new notes into interior concept. You may choose a low-pile carpet with bright patterns or a high-pile carpet with dense soft fluff. It is also possible to combine these two options by placing a high-pile carpet upon low-pile one – a great decision for winter! A lifehack: if your bedroom has a lot of space, then a big fluffy carpet, covering a significant part of the floor, will make room much warmer. It is easier to get up in a chilly winter morning, stepping out of the bed and feeling touch of a warm and smooth carpet on your feet. To make your bedroom look more stylish, decorate it with carpet and pillow covers that have similar design.
Armchair near Window
All of us need some special place where we can just sit and relax in a dreamy mood. Put a comfortable chair closer to a window, cover it with a warm blanket and enjoy sitting in it enjoying sunbeams and outside view. It is a special pleasure to sit in a cozy armchair by the window with a purring cat on your lap and a cup of delicious hot coffee or tea in your hand. You may read a good book or just dive into your thoughts, relaxing and refreshing your mind. In winter, sitting in a warm room on a soft chair watching snow landscapes and frost patterns on the window will make you feel like in a beautiful fairy tale.
Garlands with Lights
Traditionally, we take out shining garlands with colorful lights only in the period of winter holidays in order to decorate Christmas tree. But there is a more creative way of using these bright lightbulbs: you may use them for permanent decoration of your bedroom, particularly for headboard, mirror or window (and whatever else you like). Just remember how cozy it feels to sit by the window framed by tens of little shining lights. Garlands will make the atmosphere of your bedroom much warmer and dreamy. A garland with many colorful sparkles will take you to the world of happy childhood, filling your heart with kind miracles of favorite holidays.
Soft Headboard
Soft and beautiful headboard is an integral part of elegant bedroom interior design. It invites you to lay down on smooth pillows and to dive slowly into deep and relaxing sleep. There are some lifehacks that allow making your headboard unique and stylish. For example, you may hang a long pillow on the wall behind the bed or decorate headboard with soft colorful chair bottoms. Fixing a high sizeable headboard to the wall is another good option: it creates the feeling of safety and comfort, turning your bed into the coziest place in the whole apartment.
We usually think about nightlight as an element of kids` bedroom, because children are often scared to sleep with all lights turned off. But a beautiful nightlight may also serve as a great addition for grown-ups` bedroom design as well. As we know, the light influences the perception of room interior in a great way, and smooth warm light of an elegant night lamp will make the ambience in your bedroom very cozy and calm. You may choose a nightlight of any shape, style and color, and place it just near your bed on a bedside table. Choosing an unusual salt lamp, which is beneficial not only for wonderful look of your bedroom, but also for your health, is one more interesting option.
Dive into the world of sweet dreams and relaxation in your coziest bedroom!