Find Inspiration in Quotation Art Home Decor

There is always room for inspirational art, especially quotation art for the home. It comes in so many sizes and styles from simple prints, to Glices and original art, it is sure to fit any space, mood or aesthetic. And whether we put it in the bedroom, bathroom or front and center in the living room, an inspirational quote can get us through good and bad days. There were plenty of wonderful quote designs on the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes tour to share.
The best place to start is the home office where motivational quotes are a nice reminder when you need them the most. These simple gold quotes below on canvas are just the right amount of bling matched to soft pink that you can’t resist having a look. Do you have a saying that helps get you through your work day?
Here’s something similar to the canvases above.
And who said quotations art is only for the main rooms? The bathroom is a perfect place to add a touch of whimsy.
Prints that have a vintage feel are the ultimate touch of elegance in a bathroom. Originally painted on reclaimed wood, this Oui Oui Chérie Glice print framed in wood would at a touch of style to any room in the house.
Which brings us to a practical quotation. What parent hasn’t reminded their kids to wash, brush, floss, flush at one time or another?
The best part of creative typography is getting your message across, beautifully. Below is a similar quotation art print to this one for purchase. What reminder would you like to see in artfully presented on your bathroom wall?
And then sometime you can take a page out of a book. This quote design by Sugarboo does just that.
Quotation art is more than just type. Here is a nice example of a picture adding to the quotation. This printed canvas is great inspirational art for anyone who loves to go road trips.
Probably the ideal quotes are those that inspire action. This Moments sign is a great reminder to get off the couch and to create those specials moments.
If having the inspirational art on the wall is just not for you, try pillows. They add comfort, color and with some creative type, inspiration. Here is the same pillow, but with LOVE as the message.And finally, the best part of inspirational art? It can speak for you. Sometimes the right words are hard to find.
Quotation art is one way to share how we feel to our loved ones every day. I hope Beautiful Darling inspires you to find other long quotations that reflect your feelings. Even better, try writing your own letter and framing it. My favorite quote to share is You are My Sunshine.
There are so many great quote possibilities when it comes to signs and home decor. House of Belonging has a huge selection of various signs and you can also customize your own saying.
You can also make your own quotes and simply print and frame. Here’s a printable quote of one of my favorite sayings that I made if you want to print and frame it for yourself.