Tips to help Prepare for Hurricane Season

While June 1st is the beginning of Hurricane season, many should and can do things to help them prepare for the unfortunate event of a hurricane striking their home or community. Preparing for a hurricane, doesn’t have to cost a lot of money if you take the time in advance to prepare, and using a little common sense. Above all do not panic, usually there is a warning to alert you to the possibility of a hurricane (Several Days) making landfall in your community.
Some things you can do in advance of the Hurricane coming to your community.
1.) Subscribe to Emergency Alert system these are Free!!! and provided by local and Federal Government.
2.) Prepare an Emergency exit route and meeting point. While no one wants to leave their home, but knowing where shelters are and the safest routes to take in advance will elevate some stress should it become necessary to evacuate.
3.) Prepare a “Go-Bag”. Putting items that will be needed during time away from home, generally it is a good idea to plan for about 3 or 4 days. building this over time will reduce the cost and stress of creating.
Some items for a go bag could include things:
a.) A blanket or Sleeping bag.
b.) Important documents: Advance medical documents, Wills, Insurance policies, etc…
c.) Batteries.
d.) First-Aid Kit, band-aides, sterile gauze, first-aid tape, antibiotic ointment, scissors,  tweezers, hand sanitizer.
e.) Snacks, place a snack in the “go-bag” energy bar, potato chips, candy bar. While this isn’t a meal replacement, it can provide a source of nourishment during transition to emergency shelter. It can be a high stress time and you’ll burn extra calories.
f.) Flashlight.
g.) Battery powered Radio.
h.) Bottle or two of water, or a sports drink. While this is just a small supply  it isn’t your main supply of necessities, because you’ll want to have enough drinking water for each individual to drink about 0.5 (1/2) gallon of water each day.
i.) Poncho or just a plastic bag that you could turn into a poncho.
This is only a suggestion and could vary depending on what you may need. One idea that is also good is to waterproof the bag. Now it’s not necessary to go purchase a waterproof bag, a simple gym bag would be good or even just a backpack, it can simply be done by just using whatever bag you have available to use and placing a plastic bag inside of the bag you already have.
This is just an emergency bag that you can grab at a moments notice, not your main supply of survival items. To help you to quickly evacuate your area or home when it becomes necessary.
4.) Pick an Out of State contact. That everyone can contact and report their Location and status.
5.) Keeping your car or vehicle with at least a half a tank of fuel, and having an emergency items in change of clothes, jumper cables, first-aid kit, flashlight, multi-purpose tool, flares, snacks, bottle water or sports drink, packs of non-perishable food items.
Something to keep in mind that during or even after the hurricane makes landfall, the telephone systems (landlines and cellular) can be overwhelmed with calls, so making use of texting and social media make for great alternatives to communicate, even email can be a form to use although little slower, unless someone is specifially watching for your email.