Camping with Dogs

Camping doesn’t have to be ruff for your pup.
Whether you’re camping in a lush forest, sunny beach, or even your RV, these tips, ideas, and products will make sure that your dog is one happy camper.
1. Use this dog bowl water bottle for hikes.
Just like you, your dog will get thirsty while you two are hiking. This dog bowl water bottle lets your canine easily drink from your own canteen, making it easy to keep your pup hydrated.
2. Use a light-up dog collar.
Your furry friend will be easy to spot on your campground at night—or even when the sun starts to set—with this glowing collar.
3. DIY a doggie zip line.
If you’re bringing along more than one dog, zip lines are the best way to ensure their leashes don’t tangle (a problem you may experience with anchors or dog cables).
4. Include your campsite number on your dog’s collar.
With a Sharpie marker, write your campsite number on a dog ID tag (which you can buy in bulk) and then attach it to their collar.
5. Take your pup on hikes with a dog carrier backpack.
While large breeds will be happy walking by your side, smaller dogs may be more comfortable in a roomy backpack like this one.
6. Set up a doggie playpen.
Small dogs will feel safe and secure in this travel playpen.
7. Travel with a pet first aid kit.
You’ll be prepared—no matter what happens—with this well-stocked kit. Inside you’ll find gauze, antiseptic wipes, bandages, latex gloves, first aid guidelines, and more.
8. Keep ’em clean with a travel dog shower.
If your furry friend loves to roll around in mud or run through leaves, you’ll definitely want one of these gadgets, which attaches to your water bottle.