A guide to creating your own floral wonderland. WHEN IN DOUBT, ADD CANDLES The combination of flowers and candles instantly takes a garden party tablescape to the next level. To prevent the arrangement from detracting from the food, avoid arrangements that are too wide or large. Just a few candles placed right around the floral … More GARDEN PARTY IDEAS

The Tropical Trend

This one has been creeping into our consciousness like a stealthy panther for some time now . . . and the tropical trend is going to be HUGE this summer. Pottery Barn is featuring tropical plants, gilded bamboo, banana leaf and dense floral patterns, and rattan. Some of the influencers of this trend include hot … More The Tropical Trend

Beautiful Modern Fence Design Ideas

When you start to pay attention to fencing—look at your neighbors’ fences or search online—you’re likely to discover quite a range of looks, from wood to vinyl to metal, from basic vertical pressure-treated or composite boards to more decorative horizontal cedar planks, from edge-to-edge layout to unique designs that look more like modern art than … More Beautiful Modern Fence Design Ideas

Camping with Dogs

Camping doesn’t have to be ruff for your pup. Whether you’re camping in a lush forest, sunny beach, or even your RV, these tips, ideas, and products will make sure that your dog is one happy camper. 1. Use this dog bowl water bottle for hikes. Just like you, your dog will get thirsty while … More Camping with Dogs