Camping with Dogs

Camping doesn’t have to be ruff for your pup. Whether you’re camping in a lush forest, sunny beach, or even your RV, these tips, ideas, and products will make sure that your dog is one happy camper. 1. Use this dog bowl water bottle for hikes. Just like you, your dog will get thirsty while … More Camping with Dogs

4th of July Party Ideas

Red, white, and fun! 1. American Flag Nothing evokes a salute like a grand old vintage flag. Remember: The union (stars) goes on the observer’s left. 2. Patriotic Planters Vintage potato chip tins serve as fun vessels for potted red geraniums. 3. Patriotic Tablescape Linked with a vintage runner, this red table is the perfectly … More 4th of July Party Ideas


High-class meets low-key. We know, we know, the words “pool party” conjure visions of floaties and volleyballs and red plastic cups – not exactly the atmosphere you associate with the elegant poolside gala of your dreams. But your craving for high-style entertaining and laid-back pool vibes can co-exist. Here, we’ve put together everything you need … More REFRESHING POOL PARTY IDEAS THAT ARE AFLOAT WITH STYLE

Christmas Time in Ukraine

So today I wish to share with you something that is close to my heart and to honor my girlfriend and her family. I am going to attempt to write about interesting things in how a special country Ukraine Celebrates Christmas time. Ukraine celebrates Christmas on Jan. 7th in accordance with the Eastern Orthodox religious … More Christmas Time in Ukraine


Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with tradition and history. It’s a time to gather with family and friends, feast on a turkey dinner, and enjoy the beauty of the autumn season. With a history going back to ancient harvest celebrations, Thanksgiving is characterized by iconography that reflects its past. The images that adorn many of … More TRADITIONAL SYMBOLS FOR THANKSGIVING: DÉCOR TRENDS 2017